Montalucé Engagement Photos

Montalucé Winery and Restaurant in Dahlonega, Georgia features breathtaking North Georgia mountain views with the most plush green grass surrounding the vineyard throughout the Tuscan-style estate.

This location is by far my most requested engagement photo location.

Winery Features

There are many wonderful aspects of the 400-acre property. From the vineyards to the fountain, the dock overlooking the pond, the stone paths through the grass, and the giant oak tree where many of the wedding ceremonies take place-you can’t go wrong with this winery.

Stone Steps

At the bottom of the hill near the pond, there is a set of stone steps that I love taking photos of because you can see the entire property in the background.

Flowery Path

This area is my favorite spot for photos at the winery. The stepping stone path is lined with roses and green shrubs and features the Tuscan-style winery in the back with twinkle lights.

Tuscan Style


As we come to a close I always like to offer my couples individual photos. It’s not often that you can get photos of just yourself so why not?

Conclusion: Montalucé Engagement Photos

As you can see Montalucé is a beatiful place to have photos taken. I have several engagement photoshoots from over the years and this location never gets old. The grass is always plush and well-kept, there is always something in bloom and the views are unmatched. It’s clear to see why so many people choose Montalucé Winery as their engagement photo location.

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Montalucé Engagement Photos

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