First Looks

Liz and Sean were married on March 11th, 2023, planned by Mosaic Weddings. The day began at St. Jude’s Church in Sandy Springs Georgia. The couple got ready for the day separately in the lower level of the church with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Liz decided to do a first look with both her mother and bridesmaids in the atrium of the church.

The looks of joy on each of their faces felt so magical as they saw Liz in her wedding gown. Her face radiated while all of her closest ladies gathered around her. The ceremony drew closer but we had a couple more things to do before Liz walked down the aisle.

We went outside to do one more first look with the father of the bride.

The moment Liz saw her dad was the sweetest! Liz could not stop smiling and emotions from the both of them felt so pure and beautiful.

First Touch

The last thing before the big moment was a first touch between Liz and Sean. They decided to take this moment to read the personal letters they had written to each other and just take a minute and hold hands.

The Ceremony

Everyone took their places as the ceremony began. The St. Jude’s Church was absolutely gorgeous. The sun radiated inside the stone cathedral and illuminated Liz and Sean’s faces. Their eyes met and it was as if they were the only two in the room.

Side Note: As with any other Catholic I have photographed weddings in, I was only permitted to stand in the aisle for the first kiss. Other than that I had to stand in the back or on the sides. I also could not approach the alter at the front. Luckily I always bring two camera bodies with me to weddings with one of the bodies having an 85mm lens on it so I can still get the closer, more intimate shots.

The Wedding Party

After the ceremony, we all left for Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia for the remainder of the day.

As soon as we pulled into the property the lush gardens and gorgeous architecture took my breath away. We still had some group photos to take with the entire wedding party before the bride and groom portraits.

I always ask for input from my couples along with my planned poses and this image of the wedding party blurred was a pose Liz specifically had to have and I have to say it’s one of my favorites!

Bride and Groom Portraits

Every bit of the Cherokee Town Club property was lavishly manicured to perfection. We simply could not go wrong wherever we posed. We started on the stairs and then went through the long hall with openings throughout and ended in the garden next to the beautiful fountain.

The Reception

As Liz and Sean stepped into the reception, the infectious rhythm of the live band (East120 Band) became the heartbeat of the celebration, setting the perfect tone for a night of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Liz and Sean made their entrance and then went immediately into their first dance as husband and wife.

After the bride and groom did their first dance as a couple, they did their first dances with both mom and dad and then Sean with his grandma who was an important presence in his life growing up. Dances were followed by speeches given by both Liz and Sean’s mothers. Liz’s mother then sang a song accompanied by their entire extended family in Croatian. It was beautiful and like nothing I had seen at wedding.

After wrapping up speeches we went into cutting the cake. Liz and Sean decided to add a personal touch by including their dog with their cake. It’s always my favorite when my couples include these touches throughout the day. It brings such a nice touch of their uniqueness as a couple.

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and dancing. The band came out onto the floor and sang into the crowd. Liz’s dad surprised her with her special cufflinks for the day and Liz did her bouquet toss with all her girls!

Last Dance and Exit

Liz and Sean ended the night with a private last dance. Having a private last dance is a great way to savor the last moments of the day with a slow intimate dance before joining their guests and closing out the night.


Liz and Sean’s wedding day was a sweet and timeless day filled with love, laughter and joy. It was a privilege to be a part of their day and witness the two of them making such a special commitment to each other.

Liz + Sean Wedding: Cherokee Town & Country Club

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